We’re hiring!

Do you want to advance racial equity and economic dignity in Missouri? Do you believe in the power of people of faith to transform our communities? Are you interested in learning more about the principles and practices of faith-based community organizing?

Missouri Faith Voices is hiring a mid-Missouri regional organizer to train and coach teams of leaders in congregations in the Mid-Missouri area (including Jefferson City, Fulton, and Columbia). We are looking for candidates with a passion to end predatory lending, protect immigrant families, eliminate racial disparities in policing and education, and eradicate poverty.

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Economic dignity, racial equality, and inter-faith cooperation for all.

Poverty, financial predation and health disparities are co-conspirators in the negative health and the extraction of wealth that exist in too many communities across Missouri, especially communities of color.

Missouri Faith Voices believes a better and different future is possible if we work together.

A future in which everyone belongs, is treated with dignity, and has a chance to thrive. A future in which everyone has access to fair credit, livable wages, and health insurance.

Missouri Faith Voices is a multi-faith, multi-racial organizing effort to bring forth that vision. Join us!

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