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Missouri Faith Voices congregations believe:

  • In radical inclusion of all of the Creator’s people who are historically left out by systems and policy makers.

  • Every person has inherent worth and sacred dignity.

  • Unheard voices are amplified at the ballot box.

  • Faith communities must be committed to untethering our theology from the fraudulent notion of White Supremacy. Race, class, geography, and partisanship have been systematically manipulated in our communities to limit our ability to achieve what our communities need.

  • Policy and public decision-making are moral choices about who we are as people. 

  • Faith leaders and organizations need to build power to shape policy and hold public officials accountable for the common good.

Missouri Faith Voices congregations commit to:

  • Investing deeply in the leadership of Black leaders and other People of Color.

  • Working toward being Anti-Racists and dismantling racists constructs and practices.

  • Being prophets of resistance and giving  voice to a public moral narrative through public actions and accountability.

  • Building relationships in our local communities and power across divides of faith, race, geography, and politics.

  • Develop their members and people in their outreach ministries to be powerful leaders in public life: people who can tell their story, build strong public relationships, and develop strategies for impact.

  • Volunteer to work on at least one issue with us annually.

  • Invest in our work at some membership level.

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