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JUST Healthcare

From our early existence as the Interreligious Roundtable, our initial issue work was healthcare. We have invested a great deal of time and resources in the fight for Medicaid Expansion. One of our most impactful actions was filling the gallery of the Senate with hundreds of people asking for Medicaid Expansion. This resulted in the Senate shutting down their session and 23 courageous clergy who would later become known as the Medicaid 23 being arrested in 2014, two years later they went to court and were charged.

In 2020 we finally with the help of a broad coalition of partners and voters passed Medicaid Expansion. 2020 will also forever be known as the year we were subjected to a deadly pandemic known as the COVID-19 virus. This virus highlighted the deadly inequities in our healthcare system. In Missouri LatinX people are 4 times likely to die from the virus and Black people twice as likely to die than white counterparts.

In 2021 we envision and demand Just Healthcare. We are fighting for equity in vaccine distribution and to eliminate the biases in delivering healthcare as well as to ensure that Medicaid Expansion is implemented in an unbiased manner. We will have a dedicated Black Healthcare Advocacy Organizer to work to eliminate this equities even beyond the pandemic and medicaid expansion.

Just Healthcare work:

  • Medicaid Expansion Implementation

  • COVID Relief Equity

  • COVID Recovery

  • Our Voices Our Vaccines

  • Black and People of Color Healthcare Equity

  • Eliminating Systemic issues that cause comorbidities

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