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JUST Democracy

Last year we saw record numbers of Americans and Missourians turn out to vote even in a pandemic. We trained and deployed more than 40 clergy to work as Election Chaplains in the local elections and even in Georgia to ensure the voters and their votes were protected. We helped with the cumbersome tasks of interpreting the Absentee Voting bill for 2020 and provided notaries and information because we believe that all of the Creator’s children that are eligible should have access to the voting booth.

We have witnessed assaults on democracy at every level during and in the aftermath of the last election cycle. Some of the attacks were led by elected officials from Missouri. Democracy works best the there are free and fair elections and  when candidates have to win votes, debate the issues, and represent everyone in their district. Party affiliation should not take priority over representing the values of constituents.

This year we have an opportunity to take a huge steps forward towards a just democracy that works for us. Missouri is behind many states when it comes to accessible elections. We don’t have early voting or automatic voter registration among many other tools to access democracy. HR 1 Learn More Here and the John Lewis Advanced Voting Rights Act are federal legislative issues that we support to help us protect the rights of voters and expand the electorate. This year there are also issues that threaten our right to assemble. Just Democracy includes:

  • Voter Protection

  • Defense against anti protest bills

  • Potential Ballot Measure for early Voting and etc…

  • HR 1 and the John Lewis Advanced Voting Rights Act

  • HR 40 Reparations

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