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Families FIRST

Faith Voices believes economic inequality is immoral and denies the sacred dignity and worth of those caught in the cycle of poverty. We also know that those in the cycle of poverty are often taught a powerful lesson: you don’t matter. Our faith traditions affirm that all life is sacred and each person is made in the image of the Creator and deserves equity in all areas of their lives. Families First is the Campaign Umbrella for our work that seeks to ensure that all of the Creator’s children are well. 

Are the children well? Families First prioritizes the well being of the most vulnerable in our state. Families deserve to live well and to thrive. 

  • Gun Violence Reduction 

  • Moral economy  Wages, protection from financial predation

  • Equity in Education

  • Environmental Justice

  • Equity in Housin


Missouri Faith Voices is committed to addressing the root causes of poverty in our communities and empowering those directly impacted to inform and shape those issues.

We believe that part of changing the public debate around poverty and homelessness is deepening relationships across our community–by listening to each other’s stories and aspirations– and centering those in the cycle of poverty. We believe another part of changing the public debate is changing the narrative that “some people don’t matter” and encouraging people to engage in our power as residents and make our voice heard in elections.

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