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Faith voices


Missouri Faith Voices is a grassroots faith-based organization formed to improve the quality of life throughout Missouri


Compelled by our faith MFV is committed to transforming the lives of ordinary individuals and families  who have been historically impacted due to racism and injustice by equipping them to challenge the systems that create those conditions and inviting...

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Image by James Eades

Committed to racial equity and disentangling faith and white supremacy.

Missouri Faith Voices believes a better and different future is possible if people of faith, act courageously together to confront the fraudulent notion of white supremacy and the systemic issues it has produced.

We have a prophetic vision for all of the Creator’s people, a future in which everyone belongs, is ensured that their humanity will be affirmed and protected, their access to democracy will not be impaired and a future in which racial equity is not an aspiration but a reality.

This future means Black people and other people of Color will not be subjected to criminalization and plunder but will live healthy and whole lives in absence of the persistent trauma that has been imposed upon them for far too long.

Image by Benjamin Finley

“Racism, poverty, financial predation and health inequities are co-conspirators in the negative health and the extraction of wealth that exist in too many communities across Missouri, especially in Black communities and other communities of Color.”

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