Faith Voices for Jefferson City is a grassroots faith-based organization formed to improve the quality of life in Jefferson City and throughout Missouri. Our Vision for Jefferson City and beyond is for economic dignity, racial equality, fair access to opportunities and inter-faith cooperation for all. We seek to work toward this vision through prophetic voice, faith community cooperation, leadership development, issue education and collective action to positively impact life in Jefferson City and our State.

Our core values include:

  • Transformation – the need for people of faith to lead in the overcoming of barriers and the transformation of unjust systems within our society.
  • Diversity – the belief that everyone has a story and that all stories have value within our racial, ethnic, religious and economic diversity.
  • Community – the conviction that our faith can bring us together rather than divide us, and the belief that our varied faith traditions inform and inspire us to make our community a better place to live.
  • Common Good – the importance of working together through government, business, faith communities and non-profits to improve society.
  • Respect – a commitment to respect all others, listening to one another as we share our concerns and learn from one another.

We seek to live out these core values through discovering, developing and directing the power of people of faith to build a better quality of life in Jefferson City and beyond. We are a cooperative, interfaith, non-partisan organization seeking to transform our community by confronting the systemic barriers that keep working families, the poor, those with disabilities and others from reaching their full God-given potential