As an organization that has put racial justice at the center of our work we cannot engage in this work without having criminal justice reform as a priority. Our participation in Ferguson and the evidence of glaring racial disparities in our judiciary system intensified our commitment in this area.

Over the last three years we have analyzed the Missouri Vehicular Stops Report that shows glaring racial disparities involving traffic stops in Missouri. We are working with local police departments and the Attorney General to change this culture and to hold law enforcement accountable for racially biased policing.

In addition we advocated for HB274 “Raise the Age”, proposed legislation that would keep 17 year olds who are convicted of a felon out of adult prisons. We are working in a coalition across the state to make this a reality in the 2018 legislative session.

We have worked tirelessly to support legislation that reduced and propposed the elimination of mandatory minimums and to advocate for the repeal of the death penalty.

The disproportionate number of African Americans people whose lives are impacted and disrupted by the Criminal Justice system is immoral.