Compelled by our faith MFV is committed to transforming the lives of ordinary individuals and families  who have been historically impacted due to racism and injustice by equipping them to challenge the systems that create those conditions and inviting community stakeholders to co-create a moral vision for Missouri and engage in the prophetic action necessary to make it a reality.


Missouri Faith Voices (MFV) is an unapologetically Black led multi-faith, multi racial, statewide, non partisan organization that is committed to disrupting and dismantling the fraudulent historic and evil concept of white supremacy and confronting all of the systems that have been shaped and conditioned to sustain it. We are dedicated to untethering faith from white supremacy and reclaiming the prophetic voice and role of faith leaders who are not complicit with the empire but act with our people as Prophets of Resistance.

This demands that we  fight for racial equity and deeply invest in the leadership and well being of Black people, other people of Color and those who have been historically excluded from democracy and subjected to the trauma caused by unfair policies, practices and oppressed by racial and economic injustice.


To build a better Missouri by amplifying prophetic voices of those most impacted by the issues and a multi faith cohort of leaders to build statewide grassroots power by uniting, training and equipping individuals and families impacted by injustice and faith leaders through the use of congregation and community based teams and organizing for multi issue work that ensures all of the Creator’s children are able to thrive in healthy environments. We envision a Missouri where we restore hope, produce the power and political will needed to create a just society for all Missourians.