Missouri Faith Voices engages the power of the faith community to shape public policy, debate, and dialogue on behalf of vulnerable people in our state. This statewide grassroots collaborative was born from the Missouri Interreligious Roundtable, a convening of sixty clergy and 200 faith community leaders who united in response to the growing health care access crisis in Missouri.

Through the Roundtable’s advocacy in 2009 – in partnership with Missouri Health Advocacy Alliance, Missouri Budget Project, and Partnership for Children – tens of thousands of children had the opportunity to gain health insurance through presumptive eligibility legislation and a streamlined enrollment process. In 2011, the Interreligious Roundtable was formalized as Missouri Faith Voices, a 501c3 organization with member groups such as Communities Creating Opportunity in Kansas City (100 participating congregations), clergy tables in Columbia and Springfield (20 participating congregations), and clusters of congregations in cities such as Marceline, St. Joseph, Kirksville, Joplin, and Clinton.  “The ministers,” as elected officials have begun to call them, were a recognized force in the State Capitol.

Missouri Faith Voices has developed as a strong grassroots leader in Missouri.

We co- led statewide efforts over the last decade that resulted in Medicaid Expansion being passed by voters in August of 2020 which is to be implemented in 2021.  

We are defenders of democracy and continue to work to protect voters and their rights from systemic acts of voter suppression. Our work has led to expanding the electorate and equipping voters who are excluded by political parties with the information that is necessary for them to contest for power and governance in the public square. Our work on predatory lending reform has gained national attention. We are proud to be a part of the Faith in Action National Network.

This is our 10th year! We have grown from a roundtable of clergy from various faiths to a multi-faith, multi-racial movement with chapters and employees in four cities, St. Louis, Columbia, Jefferson City, Springfield and coming soon to Kansas City.